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Party Down South 2 S05 [TV-PACK]

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05×01 – Motorboats and Mustard
The “Party Down South 2″ cast get back together for an unforgettable Spring Break in Florida. But no one wants to share a room with warring couple Bradley and Raven, while Hunter and Duke get in a heated competition over new roommate Kelsie.

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05×02 – Two Can Play at This Game
Duke returns home to be with family whilst the roommates explore St. Pete. Kelsie finds it hard being the new girl.
05×03 – Girl’s Night!
Raven and the girls enjoy a night out and some time away from Bradley and the boys.
05×04 – Bringing Home the Bacon
Bradley’ comes to the decision that the best way to get over his recent breakup is to roast a pig for his fellow roommates.
05×05 – Three’s a Crowd
Karynda is involved in a love triangle. The housemates aren’t convinced Bradley and Raven have really broken up.
05×06 – In and Out of Love
05×07 – Hot Tub Cry Machine
Bradley attempts to rekindle his relationship with Raven but things don’t go to plan.
05×08 – Double Shot of Heartbreak
Bradley and Raven’s relationship reaches its breaking point, leading to a guy’s night out and Duke reeling in two women.
05×09 – If the RV’s A’Rockin’, Don’t Come A’Knockin’
The show features a RV trip to the Mud Bog and Raven goes four-wheeling.
05×10 – Pie Fight!
A prank that Bradley does on Ashton backfires. A pie fight turns into a cat fight.
Season 5
The After Party
The cast looks back on their vacation in St. Petersburg; the cast gives an inside scoop on Kelsie and Hunter’s relationship; an update on where Bradley and Raven now stand.

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