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Idris Elba Fighter S01E01

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As a Hollywood star, Golden-Globe winning, Emmy Award- nominated actor and producer Idris Elba has made a career of playing a tough guy. Now he’s about to find out if he really is one. He’s set himself an extraordinary personal challenge to become a pro kickboxer in just 12 months. But even with the help of the best trainers in the world can someone with no experience become a genuine contender in the bloodiest of sports? In the brand new series, IDRIS ELBA: FIGHTER, Elba will undertake the most demanding experience of his career – training to become a professional kickboxer and ultimately compete against a seasoned fighter in a no-holds-barred bout.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Pain And Fear”
Idris Elba’s journey to becoming a professional fighter starts in London with his training team – best friend, fellow actor and two time World Thai Boxing Champion Warren Brown and trainer to 10 world champions Kieran Keddle. After a setback that puts his fighting dream in jeopardy, Idris travels to Japan to be drilled in iron body conditioning by Okinawan karate master Shinjo Sensei and receives expert advice from Japanese kickboxing legend Masato. But can he put that advice into practice as he takes on his first heavyweight spar?

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